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Buying houses and traders

How it works

We pay your suppliers in cash (usually 100% of the export value) at shipment and collect from the buyer later at the agreed time. The buyer pays the full amount to us and we then settle your commission. With larger trading clients, we can also agree to pay commission earlier (at shipment).

Routing the cash flow and the paperwork through us means that the supplier does not see the buyer price and vice versa. It also means that your commission comes through us, so you are not relying upon other parties in the trade to pay you.

An essential service: give buyers open account

Traders and buying houses who work with us benefit from substantial credit facilities and reduced risks. We provide guaranteed trading lines on their buyers and we take the risk of non-payment. We do not ask for collateral.

In today's world, traders and buying houses need to add buyer credit to the services that they provide. Simply sourcing the goods is no longer enough to lock in a good profit. But traders can usually only borrow 1x or 2x profits ... which means that they can only provide buyer credit to a small part of their turnover. That's where PrimaDollar comes in. Once your own bank lines are exhausted, you can use our money to finance the credit that your buyers are asking for.

Agree that buyers can pay 60/90/120 days after shipment?

But PrimaDollar will pay you at sight of copy shipping documents. We will collect from the buyer later, at our risk. Buyers prefer this arrangement because it means every order boosts their cash flow rather than hurting it.

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