Win more business by offering buyers
deferred payment without LC.

  1. PrimaDollar takes away the risk.
  2. We can pay you at sight of copy shipping documents.
  3. If you need an LC, we will provide one.
  4. No collateral required.
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Work with PrimaDollar

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How to work with us:

  1. Get a limit from us on your buyer
  2. Agree your purchase order in the usual way
  3. Tell us what you need:
    • when do we pay you?
    • when will your buyer pay us?
    • do you need a letter of credit?
  4. Make the goods
  5. Get paid by PrimaDollar

Our rates are low - calculate the charge for your trade here

The buyer will pay us later at our risk.

Most buyers would prefer to give you a sale contract or purchase order only, and no letter of credit. Buyers call this working on “open account”. This is how buyers work with suppliers in most markets.

Agree that buyers can pay 60/90/120 days after shipment?

But PrimaDollar will pay you at sight of copy shipping documents. We will collect from the buyer later, at our risk. Buyers prefer this arrangement because it means every order boosts their cash flow rather than hurting it.

We can help

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– from purchase order to payment.