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Who is PrimaDollar?

PrimaDollar is a UK-based trade finance platform working with exporters and importers on a global basis.

What does PrimaDollar do?

PrimaDollar offers a low-cost and collateral-free solution to a simple problem:

  • Exporters usually want to be paid at shipment, and to have guarantees before shipment that buyers (importers) will pay.

  • Buyers prefer to purchase goods on credit and pay for them after delivery, potentially taking further credit allowing them to sell the goods before they pay for them.

This is an old problem that has a number of old solutions (such as letter of credit) that no longer work well. Our solution is simple, and it works as follows:

  • At shipment we pay the exporter against the shipping documents.

  • The buyer then pays PrimaDollar later after the credit period that has been agreed.

  • PrimaDollar takes the buyer credit risk.

  • If the exporter needs a pre-shipment guarantee or letter of credit, then PrimaDollar can provide one.

We operate through offices in South and East Asia, the UK, the US and the former USSR. Our coverage is comprehensive and we work on a global basis.

What does PrimaDollar trade finance cost?

PrimaDollar charges a simple flat rate fee as a percentage of the invoice for providing this service.

Our pricing is simple and transparent. You can price trades online here.

This operational model has many advantages for standard trades:

  • There are no surprises or additional charges, so it is simple for all parties to calculate the margins on the trade.

  • Simple does not mean high cost - PrimaDollar aims to provide the lowest cost trade finance solution in the market for standard trades.

  • This is a Shari's compliant model using a musharaka structure. A number of PrimaDollar's clients are in the Middle East and South Asia, where finance needs to be provided on an Islamic basis.

If your trades are part of a regular flow of business on standard terms, then PrimaDollar is your answer.

Our finance is the lowest cost, quickest and simplest available in the market today.

How practical is it, how long does it take?

We keep things simple.

There are no IT changes for any party involved. We work with standard documents, a standard product and simple procedures. This keeps operating costs low and makes the product quick to set up. We can be providing finance on a trade within 24 hours of being introduced.

What are the three most important things I need to know?

Here are three important principles that we abide by:

  • We cannot make a bad or risky trade into a good trade. We only take good trades.

  • We have a standardised solution. This keeps costs low and risks under control.

  • We are an ethical financier - aiming to provide the lowest cost finance possible to businesses that meet good standards for compliance and worker conditions.

How do I find out more about PrimaDollar?

With 10 offices on three continents, talk to us: click here to connect to your local office.

You can also read further articles on our site:

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