New low  all-in price

Each month I ship US$ 500 000

My buyer pays 90 days later

Buyer quality % on invoice Total charge in US$
A+ 5.55% US$ 52.42
A 5.55% US$ 52.42
B 5.55% US$ 52.42
C 5.55% US$ 52.42
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Brexit bonus

We are fed up with Brexit, and we thought our clients needed some cheer. We are giving a discount on the next US$250m of business processed through us. This is reflected in the pricing above.


We pay you at shipment even though your buyer will pay later. This eases your cash flow and moves the credit risk of the buyer to us. If you ship US$100,000 every month, the cost of our service can be as low as $520 per month.

Use the calculator above to price your trade. Pricing depends upon the quality of the buyer. Our price is fixed with no extras and no surprises provided the buyer pays on time. We do not pass on out of pocket costs, there are no facility fees, account fees or usage fees.

We are PrimaDollar

PrimaDollar is based in the UK with offices around the world. We provide a personalised and local service to our clients in more than 26 countries including major Western retail chains, global apparel brands and some of the largest exporters across South and East Asia. We are funded at low cost in the city of London and backed by institutional and private investors. If your products go in a container, we can bridge the gap between shipment and payment. “Ship now, pay later”

Our pricing promise

We promise that our charge will match the fixed amount that we quote. There are no additional fees provided the buyer pays on time. That means no facility fees, no account management fees, no minimum charges, no usage fees, no renewal fees.

Do you need an LC?

If you need us to add a letter of credit to your trade, we can do this for any shipment. We can arrange the LC from Barclays Bank in the UK as a sight LC against your shipping documents – or we can provide you the LC in our own name (a PrimaDollar LC). If we arrange an LC for you from Barclays, then we have to pass on additional charges that we incur – so please bear this in mind.