Work with any supplier on open account and deferred

Improve your cash flow.

Release your banking lines.

Trade on open account and deferred payment with any supplier.

Improve your cash flow.

Work on a simple sale contract with all suppliers. Pay 60, 90 or 120 days after shipment.

There is no need for letters of credit. Your banking lines are not used.

Your suppliers are financed from purchase order to payment.

PrimaDollar works behind the scenes. Our support starts when you place the order and continues until you pay for the goods (up to 180 days later). We work both pre-shipment and post-shipment with your suppliers.

Your suppliers get a credit limit from us. If your supplier needs a letter of credit, we will arrange it (so you do not have to).

There is no change to your balance sheet: we become your trade creditor, rather than your supplier. It is invisible to third parties, simply boosting your free cash flow.

Our credit limits are generous . There are no changes to your procedures or your systems. Our financing can be added after you have agreed contract terms with your supplier.

  • Migrate existing suppliers to open account
  • Access the world’s most cost effective suppliers
  • Deal with all your suppliers on the payment terms that you want
  • Broaden your supplier base and cut supply chain costs
  • Eliminate letters of credit and improve your cash flow
  • Up and running in 48 hours – no changes to systems or complex agreements

Talk to PrimaDollar today to improve your cash flow and boost your margins – quickly and easily.

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